Cultural Apologetics

Why Cultural Apologetics?
As discussed on the Defending The Faith page, Christians are called to provide reasons for their faith in their evangelistic efforts. Beginning discussions of the latest argument for God's existence based on morality or science can often seem out of place and make for uncomfortable situations and short, unproductive exchanges. However, culture provides the Christian with many avenues to guide people to think deeply about their worldview and provide evidence for the truth of Christianity. This page is a collection of several examples of using movies, music, the news and other elements of culture to make connections to defending the truth of the Christian worldview.

Christians Consuming Questionable Media
Book Review: The Message Behind The Movie

Music and Artists
Book Review: This is Your Brain on Music
Christian Music and Apologetics
Natalie Grant, The Grammys and Defending The Faith

Movies and Hollywood
Frozen: The Eyewitness of No Greater Love
The Hunger Games: The Atheist's Utopia Revealed
The Hunger Games: Revisited
Morality, Knowledge, and X-Men
Evolution, Morality, and Transformers
Thor, Elvis, and Atheists
The Courageous Movie and The Purpose of Apologetics

In The Popular News
Homosexuality, Intolerance, and Firefox
Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye: The Aftermath
Of Tornadoes, Flat Tires, and Moore
Raising Children Without God? A Logical Christian Response
God, Billboards, and Missing Subjects
Tim Tebow and Defending Christianity
Has The "God Particle" Finally Been Discovered?

Popular Memes on Social Media
Who Created God?
Don't Judge My By My Past
Contemplating Memes: Morality and Judging

Martin Luther King Jr. vs. Evolution
The Resurrection
As A Christian Should I Celebrate Halloween?
My Secular Celebration of a Religious Holiday
Thanksgiving, Evolution, and Design
Santa Claus and Our Children's Trust

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