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Why Doesn't God Reorder the Stars?

Why doesn't God reorder the stars to identify himself to me?

Introduction- Why Doesn't God Reorder The Stars?

It is not uncommon for atheists or agnostics to voice the demand that God show Himself by "reordering the stars to say 'I am Yahweh'" or something of that sort to positively identify Himself to them. This particular demand of God has always struck me illogical and hardly evidential. The reason why is because even I wouldn't accept such as evidence. The constellations are just playing "connect the dots" on a flat, two-dimensional surface where a three-dimensional volume exists. Any attempt to "connect the dots" to form a series of linguistic characters would have just as much meaning. More could be said on my challenges, but that is not the intention of this post. Rather my focus today is centered on these two questions: why would God reorder the stars to form a message that only you would understand, and why would He reorder the stars to form a message that only your people group would understand? 

Exclusivity of Human Languages

Languages and characters are exclusive by their nature. They are confined to time periods and even geographical locales. They exclude most everyone else in other time periods and in other cultures. To demand that God reorder the stars to form a message with characters and syntax only understandable to you or your group at a specific point in time (when that language developed) is to demand that God exclude the rest of humanity from the message. 

Inclusivity of the Book of Nature

Nature is the language that all people of all time can see and understand regardless of which written language they use (if they used one). Interestingly enough, God didn't reorder nature to speak to people, He ordered it that way from the beginning. A reordering is the result of reaction, while ordering is the result of proaction. God did not react to the voiced concern after atheists and agnostics thought it, He knew that expectation would be thought, not only by one person but by many people in many cultures of many languages in many time periods, and He proactively designed the universe to speak to every one of them. Interestingly enough, the ordering of the stars to speak this message is the very ordering that also allows humans to exist to even voice the demand, so the message is necessary to exist from the beginning.

God Heard Your Request From The Beginning

From the beginning, God took the inclusive route, which happens to also be the route that allows humans to exist. He has actually taken this request to reorder the stars and fulfilled it beyond the expectations of the atheist or agnostic who demands it. God fulfilled the expectation to answer all the atheists and agnostics regardless of the language they use to express the demand and the language they demand God use to fulfill it. 

God expands not only the audience but the features that are ordered. Not only ordering the stars but galaxies, galaxy clusters, and super galaxy clusters to form the message that is understandable to all who live(d). Not just doing it today but from the beginning. The Creator ordered the stars from the beginning of time to be readable by all people of all languages in all human history, not just the atheist or those who speaks that individual atheist's language.

The ancients merely looked up to see the stars and saw that the stars were the work of the Creator (e.g. Psalm 8:3, Amos 5:8, and Isaiah 40:26). Many modern people, though, are not content with just looking at the cosmos, they require more in-depth study. Recently I reviewed the book "Designed to the Core" by Christian astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross. He compiles numerous discoveries from the fields of cosmology and geology to show that God ordered the entire cosmos from the beginning of time to the present, from the largest scale structure to the core of our planet for life. Nature speaks in a language that all people of all languages can understand. Dr. Ross shows that God did order not just the stars but the groups of stars and even their planets so that humans could be alive to make such a demand of the Creator.  

Interestingly enough, God did not just order the features of the cosmos, He also ordered the very physical laws at the creation of the universe to allow for such an ordering of the cosmos. Hugh Ross describes this in his book "Creator And The Cosmos." And let's not stop at the cosmic level; let's go down to the biochemical level where biochemist Dr. Fazale Rana demonstrates such ordering as well: "Creating Life in The Lab" and "Fit For A Purpose".  

Conclusion- What Are You Looking For?

For those who have voiced this demand of the Creator, if you do not understand the message that the Creator has presented in nature, I invite you to read these books to help you translate, interpret, and understand how God fulfilled your request long ago far beyond your minimal requirements. If you do not wish to investigate the message, I do have to ask if you are truly looking for a message. With the existence of the shear number of characteristics ordered and scope of the audience, if the message is rejected, the request for a "message in my language" looks more like an illogical excuse than an evidential reason to reject the Creator of the universe. 

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Book Review: Designed To The Core


Christian astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross has been writing for decades on the scientific reasons to believe in the God of the Bible. He founded an organization called "Reasons to Believe" specifically geared towards evangelizing the scientifically-minded skeptic. I have been following his work for quite some time and always look forward to his latest book on the incredible evidence that scientists have discovered about the universe that point to the existence of God. Some of his books include: 

His latest book is titled Designed to the Core. In this review, I will give a quick summary of the book, some of my favorite quotes, a few of my thoughts about it, and finally my recommendations.