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About Me

Welcome to Faithful Thinkers!

My name is Luke. I live in the American midwest. I have a wonderful wife, and we have three wonderful children. 

I have a BS in Computer Science, and have spent the majority of my working years in information technology.

I love technology and get a “high” from getting a new gadget. Technology is how I make my living, but my passion has gone back to where it was when I was much younger. Now, my main focuses are my family and studying philosophy, theology, science, and the evidence that Christianity is the true view of the world. Periodically, I will also write about overlaps between technology and apologetics, philosophy, or theology. 

While my interests primarily lie in those areas, it is important to understand that unless Jesus bodily resurrected from the dead in history, all that other evidence necessarily has another explanation; but if Jesus DID bodily rise from the dead in history, the only VALID explanation of all that other evidence IS Christianity. If you are not yet familiar with the evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus, check out these two videos:

For more on Jesus, check out my article "Did The Historical Jesus Rise From The Dead?"

Ultimately, I pray that God will use me via this blog to encourage fellow Christians during times of doubt and provoke reasoned and reflective thought about God. It is my desire that this blog will open intellectual doors for the non-Christian reader to understand their need to accept the objective truths of God's existence, man's sinfulness, Jesus Christ's life, death, and physical resurrection, and man's need to be reconciled to God.