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About Me

Welcome to Faithful Thinkers!

My name is Luke Nix. I live in the American midwest. I have a wonderful wife, and we have three wonderful children. 

I have a BS in Computer Science, and have spent the majority of my working years in information technology.

I spent the majority of my teenage years as a technology geek. My interests have slightly changed from those days. I still love technology and get a “high” from getting a new gadget. Technology is how I make my living, but my passion has gone back to where it was when I was much younger. Now, my main focuses are my family and studying philosophy, theology, and science.

Enough about me for right now. What is this blog about and why should you read it? The blog is dedicated to the discussion and defense of the true worldview. I believe that Christianity is the true worldview (as opposed to other worldviews/religions), so posts will provide evidence and reasons to believe that. To get a better grasp of the importance of such discussions, please see the page Defending The Faith.

Ultimately, I pray that God will use me via this blog to encourage fellow Christians during times of doubt and provoke reasoned and reflective thought about God. It is my desire that this blog will open intellectual doors for the non-Christian reader to understand their need to accept the objective truths of God's existence, man's sinfulness, Jesus Christ's life, death, and physical resurrection, and man's need to be reconciled to God. I also pray that God will use you, the reader, to strengthen my reasoning and encourage me in this ministry by providing carefully reasoned comments, questions, and challenges.