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Book Reviews

My purposes behind these reviews is to reinforce for myself the main points of these books and prepare you (my readers) with a foundation of the book's content so you may get more from it when (if) you do read it. With those in mind my reviews tend to be more of a chapter-by-chapter summary and not necessarily critical- if I am particularly concerned with something, I will cover it in other posts.

A small portion of my books have been free "review" copies, but I do not accept any review copies that come with even a hint of an obligation to provide a favorable assessment, so you may rest assured that my recommendations (or lack thereof) are what I actually think of these books.

I have listed the books in alphabetical order (including articles) for easy navigation if you are looking for a review of a specific title. For those who are looking the newest reviews, I have included "NEW" for quick identification.

Posts with my favorite quotes from the books are also linked.

A special "thanks"...
To Cross ExaminedApologetics 315The Christian Apologetics Alliance, and The Poached Egg for posting these reviews in part or in whole on their sites. For more book reviews from each of these sources, please follow these links: CEA315CAATPE.