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Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Posts of 2012 #1: Race and Homosexuality

The final week (maybe, I'm getting used to this) of my vacation and the Top 5 posts of 2012!

Today is Top Post #1: Ravi Zacharias On Race and Homosexuality

Previous Winners:
#5: Hunger Games: The Atheist's Utopia Revealed
#4: Book Review: This is Your Brain on Music
#3: The Fear of Atheism
#2: Who Created God?

Thank you to all my readers who tweet and post the articles for others to see. 

Thank you, too, to everyone who has been willing to offer constructive critique of my posts. The posts in the list are still open for comments...feel free! :)

A Special Thanks to Apologetics 315, The Poached Egg and The Christian Apologetics Alliance for their fantastic apologetics ministries as they have been instrumental in getting the content of Faithful Thinkers, and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to the thinking masses.

Happy New Year!!!!!

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