Saturday, January 16, 2010

Psychology Class- Part 6 of 12

Last week I posted a chart to help explain the critical part emotions play in our cognitive processes. These charts map out the discussion in Part 4. This week's chart will show the flow from required assumptions to reliable observations.

Here it is (click to enlarge):

Notice that all the Primary Assumptions are all connected to each other. The reason for this is that these must all be accepted simultaneously (not one of them may be stated without already accepting the others). The Secondary Assumptions do not depend on each other (they are not connected to each other), but do depend on the Primary Assumptions. Now that I've had some more time to look at the chart, it seems that the laws of mathematics and development of communication should be on the same level as the Secondary Assumptions, rather than above them. The Secondary Assumptions do not depend on the development of mathematics or communication before they can be accepted. The development of mathematics and communication may take place at the same time as the Secondary Assumptions are recognized, but are required before the foundation for reliable sense and reason is established. I'll have to update the chart later...

Okay, now according to last week's chart, emotions can cause us to reject any reasonable conclusion simply because the idea of the implications stimulates our "pain" center in the brain. I didn't forget to apply that to this chart. Here is what this week's chart looks like when we consider emotions:

As in last week's chart, the green indicates emotions. Same again is the fact that emotions can cause us to disregard any part of the process, but it immediately takes us to a false belief. Since this one is the more complete, we will use it going forward. The chart ends with the ability to propose premises. This is where last week's chart connects to this chart (last week's would be under this week's). As we are working through the processes on last week's chart, we must remain faithful to keep the processes of this week's. If we choose to disregard any assumption from this week's chart during the processes in last week's, then we move back to the first chart to the assumption that our emotions decided to disregard and follow the flow, which will lead us right into a false belief. 

As you can see from both last week's chart and this week's chart, the paths terminate at either "Truth Belief" or "False Belief". Next week I will discuss (and have a couple more charts showing) where the processes go from here.

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