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Friday, February 27, 2009

Comments Now Open!

Hey Everyone!
I have now opened my blog posts to accept comments. Feedback on my posts and lively discussion are the goals. However, here are a few rules I want everyone to abide by to keep things civil:

1. No trolling
2. No ad hominem attacks
3. No bad language, please- some people do take offense to certain words, you know which ones not to use- use a thesaurus if you have to.
4. You are to treat everyone with gentleness and respect.
5. Don't be too sensitive (not every challenge is disrespectful)
6. Keep the comments focused on the topic in the original post
7. Show other arguments the respect you wish yours to be shown
8. If you wish to make claims about your credentials, please provide evidence
9. Anonymity is a privilege of the internet. Do not use it to abuse others or hide from criticism

I encourage everyone who makes a claim to include a good argument for that claim. I also encourage everyone else to recognize a good argument when it is given, and challenge a bad argument when it is given (this qualifies as a "claim", so bring an argument and an alternative claim).

This is a post by C. Michael Patton of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries on his blog Parchment and Pen. I feel that it is quite needed in many forums on the internet. Please read it in its entirety.

What If God Read Your Posts? A Reminder About Christian Conduct On The Internet

I want everyone who agrees to these conditions to feel welcome. Kids, teens, and adults are encouraged to post.

Please keep your comments short and to the point. Its more likely that someone will read and respond if they are.

Have fun!

****Update 2/16/10****
Comments are now being moderated due to recent comments that include ad-hominem attacks and people not reading the blog post before commenting. I apologize to the many for the few that caused me to remove the convenience of seeing your comment as soon as it is submitted- but in the world we live in, the loud minority rules.

As a result of this change, some comments will not be allowed to be published. As long as the rules posted here are followed, the comment will be published. If you are concerned that your comment might violate a policy here, don't submit it.

****Update 9/23/10****
Rules 6 and 7 were added. I like to respond to comments; however, I do not have time to deal with red herrings, rhetorical questions, chasing rabbits, and/or continually reminding commenters that they have not addressed a fundamental challenge or question. The previous update(s) still apply.

****Update 414/11****
Rules 8 and 9 were added. These were added due to some activity on blogs that has come to my attention; activities which I will not tolerate.